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My 3 year old is the tazmanian devil. June 6, 2010

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Alyssa is go go go all day long. From the moment she wakes up until the moment she lays her pretty little head down at night. I Am Tired! I color, play dolls, read books, paint toe nails, watch Spongebob and every other freak ass cartoon they have out there and it is not enough. Can I take a minute please? I love my Daughter very much but when does she slow down. What is crazy is that this is not the kid with ADD! That is my rant for the day. Thank you for reading.


Why?????? June 5, 2010

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Why are my Children always fighting?  It has gotten so bad that I have to keep them on opposite sides of the house.  MOM!!!!!!!!!!  Alyssa is talking to me!!!!  DAD!!!!!! CJ looking at me!!!!  I hope they start getting along soon because I am about to hang both of them in the closet by their toes.  Just kidding people.  Are all siblings like this?  I know me and my brother had our moments.  I know for sure that Chris and his Sister had their moments.  Chris’ Sister Jennifer has told me stories like this one time in band camp.  LOL!  Chris let off a stink bomb in Jen’s bedroom.  OMG! Could you imagine.  I am glad Chris has grown out of the stink bomb phase.  I am sure the kids will never stop fighting with each other I just hope one day they can be in the same room with each other.


Accidently downloaded this blog app on my phone June 2, 2010

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I am trying out this app I got on my phone. I didn’t mean to buy it but I pushed the wrong button so now im stuck with it. Now I am going to have to post because I don’t want to waste the money. I have to go now but I will post more later. Ta Ta for now


WTF!! Happened to my babies? April 13, 2010

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Today was Alyssa’s first day of preschool.  Alyssa was so happy to be going to school like her big Bro CJ.  Every school bus we passed every child riding their bike Alyssa wanted to know if they were going to her school.  Finally we arrive. We walk into the office and I sign in her.  Alyssa is pulling me to where the other kids are.  We open the door and off she went.   Alyssa never looked back.  I should be happy that my child is independent and not scared of new situations but a part of my heart died this morning because I know she is growing up and does not need me as much.  LATE BREAKING NEWS:  Alyssa just fell and bumped her head.  I guess she needs me after all.  Then there is my sweet CJ.  My first-born.  CJ will be 9 next month.  CJ got his hair cut last night and all of a sudden he looks 2 years older.  Not to mention he does not kiss me anymore when I drop him off at school.  I guess I can understand.  I wouldn’t want to kiss my Mom either.  I am not ready for the next few years with CJ.  PUBERTY!!! is not cool.  I do not want to know what is going on under all the clothes.  That will be his Dad’s department on that subject.  So there it is.  I am just like all the other Mom’s out there wondering WTF!! happened to my babies?


Long time no Seeeeee! April 9, 2010

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It has been a long time since I have posted  on this little blog that could.   I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and they are really funny.  I consider myself funny but that could be all in my head.  I seem to make my friends laugh or are they laughing at me?  Who knows.  So anyways I justed to say Whats up?  I plan to ease back into my blog.  Hopefully i will find something funny to say in the mean time.  Peace out


Pimp of the year September 27, 2009

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I live across the street from a park.  I don’t know what goes on in this park when it starts to get dark and I don’t think I want to know.  As I am walking my parents to their car tonight this car is coming out of the park and is playing that song Pimp of the Year by Dru Downs.  Don’t ask me why I know the words of this song.  I think it was a popular song when I was going to parties at the dump in high school.  Yes I said it.  I use to go to parties in high school at the dump.  It was outside of the dump not in the actual dump.  If you are from Tulare and went to high school you know what I’m, talking about.  OMG! That sounds terrible.  Ok, so as I was saying I started to sing this song and next thing I know it Alyssa my two year old starts singing ” Pimp, Pimp On, yeah, yeah, yeah.”  It was so funny and it was one of those moments that a mother wants to pull out the video camera and start filming.  Maybe not the best song for a two and half year old to be singing.  I guess I should teach her another song before she sings Pimp on to her babysitter on Monday.  I could just here it now. Alyssa was singing about Pimps.   So today Alyssa is Pimp of the year.


Football and left over spaghetti September 13, 2009

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Today is football day and left over spaghetti, Good Times.  Chris and I have entered the lab football pool so we are now obsessed with checking the website every 5 minutes.  It is driving us crazy.  We never win but it is fun just watching our names go up and down the list.  Maybe this will be our lucky day. Who knows. We will keep our fingers crossed.