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Hello world! August 19, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jennifer @ 6:15 pm

Hello World!! This is my first post and I am just getting started so i don’t have much to say yet.  I am suppose to be cleaning the house right now cause my husband told me to.  Well since he told me to I decided that starting a blog was more important so you can suck husband. 

I am on vacation this week and I am home with my two and a half daughter.  My one goal this week was to get her potty trained. Lets just say that I have not gotten that far.  I went out and bought her Dora panties so this morning after her bath she put on her big girl Dora panties.  10 minutes later “Mommy I’m wet”.  Well I tried.  So now we are on our second pair of Dora pants.  I am going to be on her like Swipper on Dora’s treasure.  Sorry, I have been watching a lot of Dora this week. Thats all I got for now.


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