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well well well! August 30, 2009

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We made it a whole two weeks of school before hearing from the principal.  My poor CJ tries but it is hard on all of us.  I am not one of those moms that say “Not my Child” believe me I know what my boy is capable of.  My son has been diagnosed with ADD.  Cj is on meds now and is doing better but still has some troubles at school.  I just love when the teachers refer us to school programs to help us with the ADD but when the worker calls us the first thing they ask is if we have private insurance.   I tell them yes and I am proud.  Then they tell me sorry can’t help you unless you are on medi-cal.  Well fuck you very much.  WTF! I know they are doing their job but what about us middle class people.  My insurance does not pay for any doctor or counseling visits for CJ ADD.  I would spend every last dime I have on my child but give us a break.  We have already spent thousands of dollars on CJ medical bills.  I just think that if they are going to help people out then they need to help everyone.  Us middle class peeps struggle just like everyone else.  Probably most than others because we make to much for help but don’t make enough for the extras.  Oh well that is my rant of the week.


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