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Damm the Man!!! September 2, 2009

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Today I was talking to one of the girls from work and she was telling me how her boyfriend (Baby) has not gotten a paycheck from the State of California since July.  Baby is a Firefighter and is currently fighting the terrible Southern CA fires.   Governor Arnold Sweerwewtjkrtrethrje (however you spell his name) has now decided to take a second look at the budget to see if they can get the Firefighters paid out by October.  EXCUSE ME MISTER!!!!  Maybe I have not gotten the whole story here and correct me if I am wrong but that  is FUCKED UP!!  I can’t believe they did not find money in the budget to pay their employees when they made the budget.  Don’t you think that is the first thing to put in the budget is to pay people? How they expect them to live?  Baby said that some of his co workers are loosing their homes and they all have had to take on a second job to make ends meet.  How long do they expect people to go on without money?  I would already be living in my car or worse back at my parents house.   I have already gone off on Twitter about this but then I  decided I was not done.  Why does it take a state of emergency in order to pay the people that risk their lives to keep this state from burning down?  This is just wrong.  I feel like I need to do something.  I am going to email Arnold and see what we can work out for these State Employees.  I am also going to give Arnold my Mom’s contact information because she is very good with money and she could get the State on budget.  She has done it for me lots of times cause she does not want me living at her house.  🙂  

Let see how Arnold deals with fire!funphotobox012138lspnsw


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