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Pimp of the year September 27, 2009

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I live across the street from a park.  I don’t know what goes on in this park when it starts to get dark and I don’t think I want to know.  As I am walking my parents to their car tonight this car is coming out of the park and is playing that song Pimp of the Year by Dru Downs.  Don’t ask me why I know the words of this song.  I think it was a popular song when I was going to parties at the dump in high school.  Yes I said it.  I use to go to parties in high school at the dump.  It was outside of the dump not in the actual dump.  If you are from Tulare and went to high school you know what I’m, talking about.  OMG! That sounds terrible.  Ok, so as I was saying I started to sing this song and next thing I know it Alyssa my two year old starts singing ” Pimp, Pimp On, yeah, yeah, yeah.”  It was so funny and it was one of those moments that a mother wants to pull out the video camera and start filming.  Maybe not the best song for a two and half year old to be singing.  I guess I should teach her another song before she sings Pimp on to her babysitter on Monday.  I could just here it now. Alyssa was singing about Pimps.   So today Alyssa is Pimp of the year.


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