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WTF!! Happened to my babies? April 13, 2010

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Today was Alyssa’s first day of preschool.  Alyssa was so happy to be going to school like her big Bro CJ.  Every school bus we passed every child riding their bike Alyssa wanted to know if they were going to her school.  Finally we arrive. We walk into the office and I sign in her.  Alyssa is pulling me to where the other kids are.  We open the door and off she went.   Alyssa never looked back.  I should be happy that my child is independent and not scared of new situations but a part of my heart died this morning because I know she is growing up and does not need me as much.  LATE BREAKING NEWS:  Alyssa just fell and bumped her head.  I guess she needs me after all.  Then there is my sweet CJ.  My first-born.  CJ will be 9 next month.  CJ got his hair cut last night and all of a sudden he looks 2 years older.  Not to mention he does not kiss me anymore when I drop him off at school.  I guess I can understand.  I wouldn’t want to kiss my Mom either.  I am not ready for the next few years with CJ.  PUBERTY!!! is not cool.  I do not want to know what is going on under all the clothes.  That will be his Dad’s department on that subject.  So there it is.  I am just like all the other Mom’s out there wondering WTF!! happened to my babies?


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